Bad Excuse Designs

Sarah Porter

I create sculptural and functional glass art through the process of kiln-forming: heating various glass materials (sheet glass, powders, glass enamels and more) to high temperatures in a kiln, often over several firings, to create the final piece.   My style could best be described as “eclectic”; I don’t have a single style but rather, my work has progressed over time to take advantage of new skills added to my “kit bag”, taking courses and using a whole lot of experimentation!

Currently my focus is on the transformational aspect of glass.  The idea of taking a material that is stiff, unyielding and fixed at room temperature, and completely change it by encouraging movement in the kiln at process temperatures is fascinating to me.  I can achieve results that have a “painterly” quality, like watercolours, but with the stunning translucency and brilliance of glass.