Mary Espinosa Art

Mary Espinosa

Mary Espinosa lives in Bradford, Ontario, where she creates her art. She was born in Brazil and immigrated to Canada more than 20 years ago. Mary works with mixed media, acrylic paint, and collages, that include abstract pieces and landscapes. Currently, Mary is working on a floral abstract series. She has displayed her work in juried exhibitions and is a member of the Connected Minds Mixed Media Club. Mary has had the opportunity to paint with talented Canadian artists from different styles and her work has been influenced by their techniques. She is passionate about creating art and is inspired by nature, music, and her emotions. Mary teaches painting to individuals with autism and believes that the opportunity to share her skills with others makes her creative process richer and profound. Mary’s use of vibrant colors is inspired by her Brazilian roots, and she utilizes them to create unique designs that show depth and reflect her vibrant origins.