Sunning Hill Art

Marlene Bulas

Art has been an interesting journey for Marlene Bulas, and she feels so grateful to be an artist for the past 25 years. The pandemic has been a creative challenge for many artists-including her. Her colourful, contemporary style is inspired by the rich biodiversity of Georgian Bay, Nfld., Manitoulin Island, cottages, local villages, and rolling country hills. Due to COVID, when the government  advised people to hunker down, stay home, social distance, appreciate nature, and stay busy, she was fascinated by the optimism of so many people. Watching people appreciate nature and send numerous photos on Facebook, start gardening, and enjoy country life, became a new inspiration for Marlene Bulas. Painting happy houses surrounded by beautiful flowers, neighbours’ gardening, sailboats social distancing, the joy of being at the cottage, loving the countryside, birch trees, and people going for a swim are fun to share, as we all move forward.