Linda Marsden

Boo and Grace Chic

My mom was thoughtful enough to pass me her creative DNA.  She taught me to sew at an early age, and I am profoundly grateful to her, for it has sustained me my whole life. It has distilled itself down to designing coats and making jewelry – my retreat when things get tough and my joy when life is good.

When the time came, I seriously considered a fashion education at Ryerson, but decided on a BA from York University.  I seem to have ended up at the same place and am now making waterproof, hand painted coats for women. Therefore, I have no formal education in this, but years of experience.

My coats are meant to be highly functional in any kind of weather while still being beautiful. They are waterproof – right down to the heat-sealed seams – windproof and reversible. For this I have developed a paint formula that adheres to the waterproof fabric while being completely washable.

Inspiration, for me, comes from some surprising places. History and nature are my biggest partners. I’ve made 2 coats influenced by Game of Thrones (yes, I’m a big fan) and much of my jewelry has flowers and branches incorporated into the design.

My biggest problem is having way too many ideas floating around in my head.