Arbutus Crafts

Laurie Larson

Laurie is an artist whose media is the traditional forms of stained glass, both copper foil and leaded.

Born and raised in Vancouver, Laurie moved to the Toronto area in 1989 and currently works from her studio in Aurora, Ontario.  Laurie learned her craft at Thornhill’s Glowing Panes Studio and fell in love with the art.  “It is a curious dichotomy – a juxtaposition of the creative and the technical”, explains Laurie.

Laurie’s typical pieces reflect her love of nature, but occasionally she will branch out to something more abstract.  She works in various genres but her style is all her own.

Laurie designs and produces her own creations, which include lampshades, windows and panels, garden stepping stones, and both two and three dimensional decorative items.  She accepts and enjoys commission work: “It is a challenge to give your client exactly what they want and at the same time to satisfy your own creativity.”

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