Wool 4 Ewe

Ann McDow

Wool 4 Ewe Fiber mill began with the raising of sheep. At the first shearing, the love for fiber was locked in and on a small scale the processing by hand began. The first two products were wool dryer balls and felted soaps. These remain the most popular unique gifts for all occasions.

Gradually the processing became more advanced due to the popular demand.

We now utilize large equipment that takes the viewer, step by step, from shearing to rovings and batts. These are the fibres (wool, llama, alpaca etc.) that have been cleaned and “carded” (combed out) so the fibres lie parallel to each other and are ready for use. A hand spinner could spin yarns from this state. A felter can design and create fabric and art from this state. Other options for uses for the fibre include stuffing a quilt or stuffed animals. The wool can become great cat toys and finger puppets and rovings are often used in a Newfoundland-originated form of knitting called thrumming. This means that there are small pieces of unspun fiber knitted into the mitten, headband, or hat for a double layer of wool and additional warmth.

Needle felting has regained popularity and can result in three-dimensional figures (animals etc.) from fiber using a barbed needle, or two-dimensional works such as landscapes (painting with fiber) can also be created.

The uses of natural fibre are as limitless as the imagination.