Robert McAffee

Former banker with TD Bank Financial Group, moved into art full time in 2009.

While influenced by many well known artists (Mark Rothko, J. M. W. Turner, Tom Thomson, A.J. Casson, Lawren Harris, Jack Ried, others) Robert enjoys doing quick sketches of favoured landscapes and his greatest personal challenge has always been in striving for large works that are as simple as his sketches. A challenge he feels will always remain.

To date, over one thousand Robert McAffee originals have been acquired into private and corporate collections world wide.

“I enjoy portraying the subtle earthy realities of the landscapes I experience”. Using mostly earth tones and deeper colours, he paints the shadows and the contrasts. “Colour and light need dark and neutral to really shine”.

You’ll find Robert anywhere between Thunder Bay and Ottawa and as far North as Temiskaming and Cobalt, rendering his sketches and finishing them in his studio home in Oshawa, Ontario.

Works in every imaginable size currently available at

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During summer months at the Algonquin Art Centre in Algonquin Park.

Beyond those works featured at the Algonquin Art Centre, Robert McAffee works are available from the artist directly:

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